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Sun[tm] System Handbook: Internal/Partner Edition ISO image README

The Sun System Handbook is intended to be a single source resource for information on Sun hardware products. The Sun System Handbook: Internal/Partner ISO image is derived from the online version of the Sun System Handbook currently located on a Sun web site, and it is designed to be a reflection of the web site for ease of use.

The Sun System Handbook: Internal/Partner ISO image uses Java[tm]-based technology and a web-server framework solution to make the Sun System Handbook experience virtually identical on multiple operating system platforms. No disk space or installation is required to use the Sun System Handbook: Internal/Partner ISO image.

Software Requirements

  • Solaris[tm] 9 and later
  • Windows XP, Visa, 7
  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.3.1 or later
  • Firefox 2.x or later

Note: The Sun System Handbook ISO image has not been fully tested on Mac OS X or RedHat Linux, but it does work on both operating systems (run the script from a terminal window).

Accessing the Sun System Handbook Without a Search Engine

If your system does not meet the software requirements or you do not not need to use the search engine, all you need is a browser to view the contents of the ISO image.

  1. Point a web browser to the following file on the ISO image:


    The Sun System Handbook License Agreement page is displayed.


    Solaris using Netscape: file:/cdrom/cdrom0/syshbk/webapps/syshbk_cd/index.html

  2. Read the license agreement and click the "Accept" button.

How to use the ISO image Image File from a Hard Drive (Solaris 9 and later)

The ISO image image file can be mounted directly for testing or performance purposes by using the loopback file driver (lofi) mechanism. You will need to have "root" permissions to perform the lofiadm and mount operations.

  1. Download the cd image file (whole or reassembled segmented files) and uncompress.

  2. Login or switch user (su) to "root".

  3. Export cd image file as a block device through lofi.

    # lofiadm -a /tmp/sshdvd30.iso

  4. Mount block device which represents the cd image file.

    # mount -F hsfs -o ro /dev/lofi/1 /mnt

  5. Root or any non-privileged user can change directory into cd image file system and run the Sun System Handbook startup shell script.

    % cd /mnt
    % ./

  6. When finished, the root user can remove the lofi block device by:

    # umount /mnt
    # lofiadm -d /dev/lofi/1

    External Links

    We could not fit everything from the Sun System Handbook web site onto the ISO image. Links with the small world globe icon require access to the Internet.

    Support Information

    For questions or issues with the ISO image content or enhancements, send a feedback using the Feedback link on this page.

    License Restriction

    If you are a Sun authorized service provider, the terms of your agreement with Sun determines how many users per ISO image you may have. Generally, it is one user per ISO image.

    Sun Proprietary/Confidential

  Copyright 2011 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.