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Netra SPARC T3-1BA

Netra SPARC T3-1BA Codename: Silverstone ATCA

Serial Number Location Located on the board - board needs to be removed to get access to the serial number.

511-1445 511-1547 541-4443 541-4677
System Board w/o CPU Mezzanine Board Service Processor T3-1BA FRU
1.4GHz 12-Core 200W
511-1445 + 511-1547
with SP 541-4443

Table Legend
[C] = Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU)

Netra SPARC T3-1BA Board Options

371-4725 [C] 4GB Very Low Profile DDR3 DIMM
371-5027 [C] 32GB CompactFlash
541-4677 [C]
150-2850 [C]
1.4GHz 12-Core T3-1BA Assembly/FRU
T3-1BA System Board
3V Lithium Battery BR1632 / CR1632
T3-1BA Mezzanine Board
T3-1BA Service Processor


  1. The minimum operating system is Solaris 10 9/10.
  2. Battery 150-2850 is installed on the Netra SPARC T3-1BA.
  3. Use switch SW7503 to set the Out-of-Service LED to display Amber or Red .


  1. Netra SPARC T3-1BA Server Product Notes
  2. Netra SPARC T3-1 Server User's Guide

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